Custom Mermaid Top Pricing & Details

Starting Price

Prices vary depending on customizations, band size and design.

Based on US cup sizing

  • Scaled Cups Only size A/B: $150
  • Scaled Cups Only w/ Scaled side band A/B: $175-$190
  • Fully Scaled size A/B: $275
  • Scaled Cups Only size C/D: $225
  • Scaled Cups Only w/ Scaled side band C/D: $250-$265
  • Fully Scaled size C: $300
  • Fully Scaled Premium size C: $350
  • Fully Scaled size D: $350
  • Fully Scaled Premium size D: $400

Please email for sizes of DD and up. 

Add Ons

Center Pendent: $15

Rhinestoned Center Pendant: $30

Rhinestoned or Beaded Edging: $45

Hand painted scales color change (not design): $ varies based on request

How to Order

If you are interested in a custom build Mermaid Scale Bra Top, please email me at

Must include bra size details, (eg: 36C, 34A etc.), style of bra; just cups, or longline, color of bra base (black, nude, white etc.) & photos of your design/color scheme that you are going for. A valid shipping address is needed as well prior to quoting. 
If you are a hard to find size and want to ensure a true and proper fit, a BRAND NEW BRA may be purchased and shipped to me or send a link for the bra of your choosing and I will order it in. Depending on size there  may be additional costs to set pricing. 
I DO NOT accept used bras due to hygiene, health and safety reasons.

An open invoice will be sent within 1-3 days confirming your request. Once paid I will work closely with you on your design and color choices.

Payment Options

Payments are accepted through PayPal.

Payment arrangements can be made if your commission exceeds $300. Half up front and half upon completion of your commission.


Once I have received payment in full/partial; depending on agreement, I will order in supplies. While supplies are in shipment I will work with you on your design. After supplies have arrived I will confirm your design. With confirmation I will begin production. Confirmed designs cannot be changed or altered once production has begun.


Depending on design and desired coverage, production times vary. Generally 2-3 weeks for cups and 4-6 weeks for longline styles. This does not include shipping time.


Once your commission is complete your custom piece will ship via USPS priority mail. Signature will be required for delivery.

International shipping prices may vary based on your location. Customer is responsible for shipping costs. 

💕Please understand that all my work is handmade. It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of skill to create pieces. Production times vary depending on the bra style chosen and intricacy of design.💕